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Reasons Why You Should Hire a Licensed HVAC Contractor


When you need to upgrade or install a heating and air conditioning system, you might think of hiring a contractor who charges you the least amount of money hoping that you will make some savings out of that. In most cases, when you decide to do that you might end up hiring a contractor who is not licensed which can bring about a lot of issues when your HVAC is being installed. The Hvac is among the most important things in your home because it is used for making your home warm during winter and cool during summer hence it plays a big role in ensuring that your home has the necessary comfort. For a contractor to be licensed, he or she should meet some minimum standards that are set, have enough experience and respect for safety. There is a government agency that monitors the licensed contractors and the licenses of all unsafe companies are confiscated if they perform substandard work or lie to their clients. 


A HVAC system which is not installed properly can be expensive to maintain, it can make the resale value of your home be reduced and it can be dangerous to your general health when you have hired a contractor who is not licensed and you happen to pay them cash, it can be a difficult thing to get a refund in case something goes amiss. Homeowners who hire unlicensed HVAC contractors can be held legally responsible for hiring them. A licensed HVAC contractor should have a building and work permit which should be acquired from the local government office and one is given depending on the type of work they are planning to do in your home. For most of the Air conditioning contractors without the necessary licenses, they do not bother about having any papers for the work.


Most homeowners have no idea that when a contractor does not have the required permits, the homeowners are the ones who can be fined and not the contractor. The licensed HVAC contractor companies should have some insurance to cover injuries that may be experienced by their workers and also any damages that might happen to your home. Only a few contractors without licenses have such insurance. In case an unlicensed contractor or some employees working for him gets injured while working for you, you can be held legally responsible as a home owner for their medical expenses. You will also be needed to pay for whatever damages that occur to your home or company equipment. Read more about HVAC at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Central_heating.